Onwards to Industry 4.0

Ready for the new production era

Everyone’s talking about Industry 4.0. It describes a new age in automation. It is characterised by strongly customised products in a highly flexible fabrication process. The prerequisite for this is that all objects involved in the process be networked with each other. With our expertise in all areas of automation technology, we are well-prepared to usher in this new age. Let us make your business ready for Industry 4.0! In this way we can help you keep pace with the new developments and remain competitive.

Do you want to be sure your production is suitable for the new manufacturing strategy, so as to ensure that your productivity and profits continue to grow? SCHULZ Systemtechnik is the right partner for you. Our offering of mechanical engineering, electronics and software makes us your one-stop-shop for integrated solutions. We are creating Industry 4.0 to give you the competitive advantage you demand:

Small steps

realising Industry 4.0 with small, evolutionary measures. Step by step.

Maximum potential

starting in the areas with the highest potential Your investments will thus pay off immediately.

More productivity

The manufacturing process will become much more efficient. You may reduce machine use while increasing production without having to expand your systems.

Cost minimization

You may minimize production costs and pay exclusively for what you need.

Resource efficiency

Sustainability is the key to your whole production process. You may save precious resources and minimize energy costs during production.

Everything under control

We focus on the individual project, while keeping an eye on the bigger game. This way you won’t have to juggle too many details.